Representative James Mikell "Mike" Burns - District 17

As we begin the 2020 legislative session, I'm looking forward to working with Jeff Lingerfelt and Capitol Ambassadors. His weekly Bible studies are among the tangible things which is inclusive of members, staff and employees for the General Assembly. In addition, he is available to meet one-on-one with any of these individuals to counsel any situation. It is very beneficial to have him mindful of one's challenges and advocating on your behalf. Thank you for your service and ministry to all in the Capitol Community.




Senator Stephen L. Goldfinch - District 34

Jeff Lingerfelt and Capitol Ambassadors have been a true blessing to my family, my colleagues and myself for nearly the last decade. Politics is not always black and white, and the questions that often plague Christian men and women in politics are tough. Jeff has always been available to help me through those tough questions; or simply to pray for guidance. His Bible studies, prayers and guidance help provide peace and comfort in uncertain times.




Representative Garry R. Smith District 27

In Romans 13, God makes explicitly clear that He is the ultimate authority of all things, even authorizing governmental authorities. In verses 4 and 6 he refers to them who are in authority as 'Ministers (Deacons) of God''. Wow! This can be and should be a heavy and serious burden for those in authority. The ministry of Jeff Lingerfelt and Capitol Ambassadors is there in our Capitol in Columbia ministering and serving daily to the 'Ministers of God' so that their mission is made clear--Ambassadors of Christ to our Capitol Community.