How to add Smile to your Amazon

An easy way to support Capitol Ambassadors is to attach your Amazon account to their Smile program.

Every eligible purchase that you make Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase to Capitol Ambassadors. Can you imagine that? You can be an active supporter without any budget concerns. You simply purchase goods from Amazon and you can know that every purchase is helping Capitol Amabassadors.

To connect your Amazon purchases to Capitol Ambassadors simply log into your account at Amazon.com.

Then go to https://smile.amazon.com. Amazon will ask you to search for the charity of your choice.  Enter Capitol Ambassadors, Inc. in the search area.




The search will show the ministry.  Simply click select.





They will ask you to confirm and then click Start Shopping. Be sure to purchase goods at https://smile.amazon.com in order to support the ministry.




If you already have a charity that you support and you wish to change it to Capitol Ambassadors, simply go to https://smile.amazon.com and find the Supporting link. Hover over it to reveal the area where you can click change.